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Belle and Chloe are twin sisters who are very much alike in many ways. They always play together, they have the same friends, and they look very similar. One day, an accident in the kitchen causes Belle to get burned, and she needs to go to the hospital. After the accident, Belle's entire life changes. She has to stay at the hospital to get better while Chloe continues to go to school. Chloe starts to feel a bit forgotten because their parents are spending most of their time taking care of Belle. When Belle comes home from the hospital, Chloe is happy to see her and is excited for them to start spending time together again. But Belle feels very different from Chloe now, and the sisters start to drift apart. Belle feels very insecure about the scars she has from the accident, and she starts to pull away from everything she loved before, such as hanging out with friends. Will Belle be able to gain confidence again and regain her connection with Chloe?


Overall, I enjoyed reading this book. I think that this book is a great way for readers to gain insight into how it can feel when something big happens in your life that you cannot control. Throughout the story, one can see the different emotions Belle deals with after the accident and how she deals with the changes in her life. For example, we can see how she feels frustrated at how different her life is now but still continues to persevere. The colorful images in the story allowed you to visually see Belle's emotions throughout the story. I also liked how the author started off by showing what Belle and Chloe's life was like before the accident and how they were very happy. Then, at the end of the story the author showed how even though their life was now very different, they were able to gain that happiness back with the help of family support and therapy. This story was very inspiring to read and teaches a message about the importance of staying strong when unfortunate things happen. Overall, I think that this is a great book that readers of all ages will benefit from reading.

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