Belle And Chloe-Reflections In The Mirror
Belle And Chloe-Reflections In The Mirror

Belle and Chloe are loving twin sisters who do everything together. But one day, tragedy strikes when Belle is burned by a pot of boiling soup. With third-degree burns on several areas of her body, she must spend a few months in the hospital for treatment and later have surgery to reduce her scars.

A beautifully illustrated story about trauma and recovery, this picture book for children shares the story of the accident, the impact the event has on Belle’s self-image, her relationship with her sister and the rest of the family, and the value of family, support, and love during her recovery. The story was inspired by the author's own childhood experience.

An empowering story about self acceptance. a very heart-warming story as it’s about a little girl who learns how to cope with trauma.
The story captures a myriad of emotions - such as guilt, shame and helplessness - experienced by Belle’s entire family, after her accident.

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Book Details


  • Juvenile Fiction
  • Picture book

Age Level: 

  • 8 - 12

Belle and Chloe are twin sisters who are very much alike in many ways. They always play together, they have the same friends, and they look very similar. One day, an accident in the kitchen causes Belle to get burned, and she needs to go to the hospital. After the accident, Belle's entire life changes. She has to stay at the hospital to get better while Chloe continues to go to school. Chloe starts to feel a bit forgotten because their parents are spending most of their time taking care of Belle.

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