The Wolving Time
The Wolving Time
The Wolving Time
Patrick Jennings
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A family of werewolves faces the human evil of persecution in this tense and spellbinding novel from one of Scholastic Press' favorite authors.Laszlo Emberek is caught between two worlds: the bucolic life of a shepherd, tending his family's small flock of sheep with his beloved dog, Gizi, and the secret life of his parents, who can "change" into wolves at will. 13-yr-old Laszlo knows his change will come soon. But when his family's secret is discovered by a village girl -- a ward of the evil and corrupt priest, no less -- Laszlo must decide how he wants to live. Can he trust himself to remain compassionately human as other, wilder instincts overcome him? And are humans truly less dangerous than the wolves they hate with such passion?

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  • Adventure
  • Paranormal

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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Laszlo is a young man who lives in France as a shepherd. But Laszlo's family members are not your ordinary shepherds, they can turn into wolves. Soon Laszlo's time will come when he can turn into a wolf too. One day when Laszlo's mother changes into a wolf, a girl named Muno sees her. A priest from a nearby village took her in as a companion, because her parents were burned at the stake because they were accused of witchcraft (by him). Muno is now under his cruel and vicious command.

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This book is about a boy named Lazslo,who has to keep a secret that his family can turn into wolves any time they want. Lazslo has to decide if he wants to be in two worlds all the time, or should he be a wolf, or stay a human. Lazslo tries to find out who it is he wants to be. A person who wants to see werewolves hung, or a wolf that lets him experience a different world.

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