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From Newbery Honor–winner Margi Preus, a gripping middle-grade fantasy about a girl who must save the children of her world from being “windswept" 

In Tag’s world, children are disappearing. “Youngers” who venture Outside are windswept—vanishing in the swirling snow—Tag’s sisters among them. Many have tried to find the lost children; all have failed. And since the Other Times, the Powers That Be seem intent on keeping it that way.

Little remains from those times: snippets of songs, heaps of plastic trash, and a few banned texts—including a book of fairytales.

An unlikely crew of Youngers join forces—Boots, who can climb anything, Ant, who will eat anything, Ren, who will say anything, and Tag, who doesn’t appear to have any talent whatsoever. With their dubious skills, the fairytales, a possibly magic ribbon, and an unwillingness to accept “that’s impossible,” they set off to rescue their windswept siblings in this spellbinding fantasy from Newbery Honor winner Margi Preus.


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  • Adventure
  • Fantasy

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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In a dystopian society where children under 15 are homebound, a unique group of new friends ventures Outdoors to find their lost siblings. Well, they’re not so much lost as they are windswept. Windswept tells the story of Tag and her companions’ quest to achieve the impossible. What they aren’t expecting, however, is to encounter mythical beings and magic along the way. Each of the youngers brings a special gift to the group, and each of these beings has a valuable lesson to teach.

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Tag-a-long, or Tag for short, has never known anything except the inside of her home and the good-natured fun of her older sisters surrounding her, until one day when the dreaded winds come and take away her sisters. The youngers, or children, are not allowed to go outside, and Tag watches as her sisters break the rules and decide to go outside only to then become windswept to who knows where. For several years after her sisters disappear, Tag tries to put the pieces together about what really happened to them.

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