WhipEye (Book 1)
WhipEye: (Book 1) (Sam Green and the WhipEye Great Ones) (Volume 1)
WhipEye (Book 1)
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SamGreen. Wildlife expert. Warrior. And desperately missing her mom.She also doesn't think her 16th birthday should be a survival test.  But she is about to learn she could die in the next 24 hours. Creepy monsters and a giant called Uncle Biggie do exist. Along with a scary guardian who wants to take over the world, and an ancient wise-cracking parrot who wants to stop him. It's up to Sam to save two worlds. With a supernatural staff named WhipEye--that she has no clue how to use. Impossible. Unless Sam heals her broken heart. Gets help from magical creatures called Great Ones.And the boy next door--Jake--decides he's on board for an adventure out of his worst nightmares. Sam must also find the courage to fight the biggest battle of her life...and risk everything for love...

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  • Fantasy
  • For Reluctant Readers
  • Juvenile Fiction
  • Series

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  • 12 and up
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In WhipEye by Geoffrey Saign, the main character, Samantha, and her neighbor, Jake, get mixed up in an ancient rivalry between Samantha's best friend, Charlie, who is a parrot, and an evil man named Magnar. Magnar wants to kill Charlie because he is the last of his kind of creatures.

WhipEye is an exciting fantasy story that grips the readers' attention from the very beginning. The heroine, Samantha Green, is a strong but loving and caring girl. She developed courage and strength as the story moved forward. The parrot, Charlie, is intelligent and loveable and extremely loyal to Sam. Sam also has a strong loyalty to Charlie. The nemesis, Magnar, is established as an evil guy right from the start.  Magnar's evil focuses on Charlie who is over 1000 years old (unknown to Sam & Jake).

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In WhipEye, Samantha starts off being just a quiet, sad girl who talks to a parrot to let go of her feelings. Little does she know that her life is going to change because of that. Charlie (the parrot) starts talking to her one day; he says that she has to rescue him, or the owner of the pet shop (a very bad guy who captures other animals like Charlie and uses them for his own power) will kill him. When she takes him home, the boy next door finds out and wants to help.

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WhipEye is about a girl named Samantha Green and a boy named Jake, who happen to be neighbors. After Samantha steals a parrot, she and Jake become good friends, and Samantha also meets Rose, who lives in a cabin somewhere deep in the woods. The pet store in town, where Samantha stole the parrot from, is a cover-up for the evil genius, Magner. The parrot, named Charlie, seems to be a normal parrot but is actually one-thousand-year-old Methuselah.


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After stealing a thousand year old talking parrot from the Endless Pet Store, Samantha now has to keep it out of the hands of Magnar, the pet store owner. She must hide it for 24 hours from him and the other monsters that are after it. Will she be able to protect the parrot, or will Magnar end up retrieving the parrot back?

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WhipEye is about two kids, Samantha and Jake, and their friend Charlie, the almost 1000 year old parrot. In the book, they discover the magical land of KiraKu and its inhabitants, the giant magical animals called the Great Ones and the ancient staff, WhipEye.

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