Warrior Woman: Based on the Story of Nancy Ward
Warrior Woman: Based on the Story of Nancy Ward
Warrior Woman: Based on the Story of Nancy Ward
Nancy Ward lived in the time when her homeland of Chota, the Cherokee capitol, was threatened by not only the invasion of the white man but also the Creek Indians. This beautiful part of the Appalachian Mountains was plentiful in game and the ground was perfect for their crops. The Cherokee relied on hunting for their meat because they did not have domesticated live stock as did the white man. Nancy watched as her home lands grew smaller and smaller with the advancement of the white man. Nancy’s husband, Kingfisher, was shot and killed in the 1755 battle with the Creek Indians. She picked up her dead husband’s musket and led the Cherokee to victory. Because of this, she was honored with the highest ranking any Cherokee woman could attain, Ghighuaa. Nancy’s life stood for peace but she always warned her people of many bad things to come. She became the first woman to ever talk at a peace treaty with the white man. Her words helped her people retain some of their lands. She spoke: "You know that women are always looked upon as nothing, but we are your mothers, you are our sons, our cry is all for peace, let it continue. This peace must last forever. Let your women´s sons be ours, our sons be yours, let your women hear our words." Shortly after her death, President Jackson ordered the Cherokee to move to Oklahoma on the famous deadly "Trail of Tears".

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  • Historical Fiction

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  • 12 and up
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Warrior Woman is an amazing story about a young girl who is from two different worlds.  Nancy is half Cherokee and half English. Her mother's mother was considered a very wise woman in the Wolf Clan of the Cherokee Nation. Nancy's father was a soldier who had worked on the reservation.

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