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Three witches, two children, one ogre—and nowhere to run.

It’s 1919, but in Edenfall, Pennsylvania, the Great War is not over—not for Vasilisa, at least. Papa is presumed dead on the fields of Flanders, Mama is being courted by an absolute ogre, and now Babka, her beloved grandma, has had a bad spell. Or has she fallen under one? Only the Old Tales, the Russian fables Vasilisa was raised on, offer any comfort or counsel. 

But what if they are more than child's tales?  

Enter Ivan, who jumps a train for Edenfall at midnight and finds Vasilisa in a real fix. He’s on his own quest, but Old Rus is calling from across time and both worlds, and if they heed the call, they might both get what they want. But it won’t be easy. Three witches, two children, one ogre – they’re outnumbered and outclassed. Baba Yaga and Old Koschei are after the same thing—and each other—and the children are caught in the cross-hairs. Vasilisa has a secret weapon, in the humblest of guises, but will the meek truly inherit the earth? Or will the mighty prevail? One thing is certain: it’s a fairy tale of their own making, a tale whose happy ending is ever in doubt.

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  • Fantasy

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up

In a cozy house in the town of Edenfall, PA, a girl named Vasilisa, along with her mother and Babka (grandmother), grieve her pronounced dead father. Not far away, a boy named Ivan sets about his travels, fueled by only the idea of revenge and a promise. Life isn't going the best for Vasilisa. Her father is pronounced dead, lost in the Great War, and now the awful Mr. Goladyen is trying to court her mother. And even worse, her strong Babka is under a spell and seems to be getting weaker.

In 1919, in the town of Edenfall, Pennsylvania, young Vasilisa, her mother Tatiana, and her grandmother (Babka) have just learned that her father has been presumed dead in WWI. Meanwhile, a young boy, Ivan, is looking for vengeance after the murders of family members. There appear to be supernatural forces at work that the two teens must work together to defeat.

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