Treachery Unmasked
Treachery Unmasked
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Sammy Taylor is a child actor in 1942 Hollywood reaching the end of his prime earning years as juvenile performer, with his mother and agent in the process of getting him a new contract with a major studio. The plan falls apart when she is arrested for passing counterfeit money. Desperate to save his career, Sammy and his friend begin their own investigation. Their efforts cross paths with a zealous federal agent, a German operative, and a mysterious cloaked and hooded figure, finally uncovering a Nazi plot to destroy the United States economy – and them, if they get in the way. Sammy and his friend must try to stop this before it is too late. And there’s one truth about Hollywood – nothing it what it seems.

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  • Historical Fiction

Age Level: 

  • 8 - 12
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Treachery Unmasked written by Dorian Rockwood is a story about a child actor named Sammy who is about to age out of being a child actor for Paragon Studios. It is 1941,  and Sammy is growing up and wants to stay working for Paragon. It all starts when Sammy gives his mother a $20 dollar bill that he found stashed in his dressing room and with a man who says he is an agent for the Federal Investigative Agency. The story involves Sammy, his mother, Elliot and Gene who are friends and associates in his acting profession, and two German spies who harass Sammy by radio and telephone.

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