Simone LaFray and the Chocolatiers' Ball
Simone LaFray and the Chocolatiers' Ball
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Simone LaFray had never questioned one thing - the character of her father. A fourth generation chocolatier and proprietor of a world famous patisserie, in her eyes he could do no wrong. However, her eyes were trained to see everything that was wrong. A covert agent with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, this extraordinary 12-year-old was living a double life, walking in the veiled footprints of her mother, icing eclairs, dusting pastries, and darting between the shadows. What could be sweeter? When a notorious thief returns to Paris seeking revenge against her mother, a series of unforeseen and potentially devastating events ensue, leaving Simone to question everything. Her father can’t be the man they say he is, can he? Her concealed life is evaporating, the store hangs in the balance . . . and did I mention she needs a ball gown? Life in a French patisserie may not be as sweet as you thought. Simone LaFray and the Chocolatier’s Ball pulls the invisible girl out of the shadows and into the spotlight . . . is she ready?

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  • Adventure

Age Level: 

  • 8 - 12

Simone LaFray is a spy whose father owns a marvelous bakery in France. Simone is given the assignment of catching a thief in Paris who attempts to get revenge on her mother by stealing a famous painting. Simone runs into trouble while she is searching for the thief. In the meantime, someone steals the family's cookbooks, puts salt in their sugar, and frames her father right before the Chocolatiers' Ball - the most important ball of the year for pastry chefs. Will she catch the thief? Recover the family cookbooks? Save her dad from failing at the ball?

When her mother, who is a secret spy, is on a mission, Simone LaFray has a mission herself. Living in Paris, this twelve-year-old girl also helps her dad, who owns a patisserie, make the delicious pastries. When someone steals their sacred recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation, Simone tries to figure out the identity of the culprit. Simone and her father enter the famous Chocolatiers’ Ball intending to clear their name and catch the thief. Will they win the Chocolatiers’ Ball, find the thief, and restore their name?
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