Shifter (The Healer Chronicles 2)
Shifter (The Healer Chronicles 2)
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Fifteen-year-old Alex and his learning-disabled friends barely survived the events of Spinner, but their nightmare has only just begun.

Alex’s wheelchair has never stopped him from doing what he wants, but his supernatural power to heal every human ailment known to science has put him in the crosshairs of a dangerous doomsday cult that will stop at nothing to capture him and his long-lost twin, Andy, who can shift illness from one person to another. When the boys combine their “gifts,” they unleash the power to control life and death.

Now Alex, Andy, and the others have been kidnapped by the U.S. military. On a creepy Air Force base in the remote Nevada desert, they must decide who to trust and who to fear while uncovering secrets this base wants to hide from the world. Who is the young boy with unusual abilities who’s treated like a soldier? What is hidden in an ultra-secret hangar that no one can access? And what unnatural experiments are conducted in that closed-off laboratory?

As Alex unravels these mysteries, he strives to bond with his twin, but Andy is distant and detached, trusting no one. He’s also more attracted to the dangerous power they wield than Alex would like. When misplaced faith in science ignites a hidden lust for supremacy, rescue can only come from the most unlikely source, and Alex must confront a terrible truth.

The Healer Chronicles continue…

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  • Horror

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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Having supernatural powers, Alex and Andy are capable of healing and shifting illness from one person to another. Combined, the boys hold tremendous power. Together, they can control life and death. As they get to know each other, the brothers start to test their abilities together. However, as secret organizations and military operations vie for control of their power, they must make difficult decisions that could save people... or kill them.

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Shifter (The Healer Chronicles 2) is a exhilarating story about twin boys Alex and Andy, who possess super powers in which they allow Alex to heal any disease known to science and Andy to shift diseases from one living thing to another. Once their powers are combined, they achieve the power of life and death. 

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