Shelf Life: Never Turn the Page Too Soon
Shelf Life: Never Turn the Page Too Soon

Think Disney’s TOY STORY in a bookstore, and you have the tale of Little Book, a ‘tween hero who sets off on a journey to become a bestseller after his frustrated author abandons him on the donation cart of a bookstore at the close of business one night. With only twelve hours until the business reopens and Space-Arrangers (the space keepers of the bookstore) starting to suspect the kid doesn’t belong, Little Book will have to work fast to prove he can rival the best the bookstore has to offer, or risk being shredded into a pile of confetti.

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  • Humor

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  • 12 and up
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Have you ever read a book about a book? If you haven’t, what are you waiting for? Shelf Life: Never Turn the Page Too Soon is a humorous story that follows self-published Little Book. He lives a perfect life with his author, Paige Turner, except when it isn’t so perfect anymore. One night, Little Book wakes up to find that Paige has discarded him in the donation bin at the local bookstore.


Shelf Life: Never Turn the Page is a book about books! In the beginning, the reader will see that the author in the story, Paige Turner, is sick of not having any progress selling her book. She is a self-published author and decides to put Little Book, her children’s picture book, on the donation cart at the bookstore. Little Book feels abandoned and scared, and thinks what should he do? As soon as it’s dark outside and no one is there, he sees that other books are waking up.

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Little Book is a self-published book, and he lives a very happy life with his author, Paige Turner. One day, he finds himself left in a bookstore, abandoned by his author. He realizes that she has given up on publishing him, and he sets off on a journey to try and become a bestseller.
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