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The Secrets and Peculiar Adventures of Jillian Dangerous
The Secrets and Peculiar Adventures of Jillian Dangerous

Jillian earns her nickname when she drags her roommates 50 years into the past to a boarding school in the Vietnam highlands during the war. Secrets, danger, intrigue, magical events, and real history roll up into a coming-of-age tale illustrating how challenges press a girl labeled as different to become strong and independent. Perfect for a middle grade class assignment or fans of A Wrinkle in Time, this work of historical fiction will both teach and absorb you.

Book Details


  • Historical Fiction
  • Juvenile Fiction
  • Science Fiction

Age Level: 

  • 8 - 12

 Jillian Cassidy dreads going to school because she is badly bullied, so when she finds out she's been enrolled in a semester at her mom's old boarding school, she couldn't be happier. Jillian and her new friends Meghan, Samantha, and Sadie go on plenty of adventures, but the fun doesn't end there. When Jillian accidentally sends the three of them back in time 50 years to when her mom was at the school, you can't blame them for panicking quite a bit especially because during this time a war has started.

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