Secret Magic (Evie Everyday Witch Book 1)
Secret Magic (Evie Everyday Witch Book 1)
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Funny magical adventure series perfect for kids ages 7 and up

My name is Evie Everyday and I’m a witch. But all I’ve ever wanted is to be a Lamron. That’s the word normal spelled backward. Anyways, now I have the chance to go to a regular school and be a regular girl I’ll do whatever it takes to fit in.

Fitting in is easy. All I have to do is:

- Keep my magic a secret
- Swap my favorite colorful clothes for boring black ones
- Suck up to scary Mrs. Rogers, the school principal
- Keep my pet cat, bat and corncob from causing any trouble
- And stay away from Izzy. She’s all colorful and funny and awesome…. and not helpful for fitting in.

But when everything starts to go wrong, there’s only one way to save my new school… use magic. And only one person who can help me… Izzy!

Evie Everyday Witch is a series of chapter books that kids and parents will love. Ideal for reluctant readers. Evie's quirky, funny personality will sweep kids off their feet, and get them reading again!

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  • Adventure
  • Animals
  • Fantasy

Age Level: 

  • 8 - 12
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Evie Everyday is a witch, and all she wants is to be normal. On her first day at school she meets a girl named Izzy. Izzy is really nice and different from all the rest. Izzy studies witches and harpies (which are enemies), so Izzy knows right away that Evie is a witch. Evie also meets the principal, who wants to “help” her fit in. She gives her a black dress and tells her to stay away from Izzy. Evie stops hanging out with Izzy and slowly becomes popular. 

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