The Ravishing Riptides of Time
The Ravishing Riptides of Time

Valentina del Viento isn’t quite sure if her inherited gifts are a blessing or a curse. The protection of La Viña De Dios (The God Vine), however, relies heavily on her powerful ability to foreshadow and command the winds. When a handsome young man starts showing up in Valentina’s visions, she knows she must travel time to find him, no matter how long it may take or the perilous black shadow she brings in doing so. According to the whispers of the wind, he is her true love.

Many years later, newly famous artist, Alex De La Vega, is proud of his new-found success and has only one thing on his mind—complete his next highly anticipated painting. But at night, in the quiet of his fame, a faceless woman haunts his dreams, calling out to him. Could she be what will finally fill the ever-present void within his chest? However, as intrigued as he is by this mysterious woman, Alex knows he must channel all his focus into finishing his art.

To do just that, he travels to Taos, New Mexico. And there, at the luxurious, sprawling hacienda, he discovers something far more significant and valuable. Something relentlessly sought after by a treacherous, malevolent force that will stop at nothing to obtain it: The Divine Liquid—an inimitable elixir with magical, all-healing, life-extending properties. Alex could not have known the power and significance of his find. Or of the danger and peril that comes with it.

In this debut novel, time, religion, love, culture, evil and even the paranormal all collide in this fascinating, epic tale of Magical Realism set in the enchanting, magical land that is Northern New Mexico. If you love Gabriel Garcia Marquez, you will love this book!

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  • Fantasy
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  • Mystery
  • Paranormal
  • Romance

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  • Adult
In 1899, Valentina and her unusual "family" live on a beautiful ranch, raising horses and protecting the mysterious, magical "God Vine." Valentina begins to have visions of a handsome young man, and she knows that their fates are intertwined. However, he doesn't live in the time she is in, which means she has to make use of the power of the "God Vine" in order to be with him.
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The Ravishing Riptides of Time by E. L. Soto is a story about finding love or rather love finding a person. Love is powerful; love is timeless. The story is set in Taos and Sante Fe, New Mexico, places which are dear to the heart of the author and that dearness also brings an authenticity to the story. There are two eras intertwined - Part One takes place in 1899 and Part Two takes place in 2008. There is magic, old and new, based on folklore, superstition, and some based on hopes or what could be. There is also conflict and danger, but in the end, the hero wins.

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