The Promise
The Promise

When the aliens attacked, humanity was nearly wiped out.

There weren’t enough fighting men or women left alive to repel the invaders and what remained of humanity hid underground. Desperate to survive, the Piecer Corp plan was initiated; thousands upon thousands of DNA manipulated recruits were created to defend Earth. But they needed adult soldiers fast, so they adjusted their DNA to create the “Sixers;” grown adult soldiers in as little as six years. It worked, but growing at that accelerated was extremely painful and the men had to be given powerful synthetic pain medication to be able to fight... and they did fight. The Sixers were merciless and they beat the aliens back to their home world.

A truce was called and the Earth was rebuilt. The Piecer Corp continued, but only normal growth DNA recruits were allowed to be created. The Earth was repopulated and humanity salvaged. “Normie” human soldiers could now take the place of manufactured Piecer Corp soldiers, ending the need for the Corp.

Current day 2173: celebration for the last graduating class of the Corp. For these recruits, their life in the military was over. Chase 523, a Piecer fire team leader wondered if this was the last time he would see his team again. Soon they would be civilians and take their place among normally conceived humans.

To honor them and mark the occasion, the first Starship ever built, “The Promise”, was flown to the Piecer Academy stadium. General Gilbert Tupi, a “normie” soldier, presided over the ceremony, congratulated them all, and dismissed them from military service. For one brief moment everyone was happy.

That’s when the sky lit up.

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The Promise



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  • Science Fiction

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  • Adult

The Promise takes place in a futuristic Earth already well-versed in space exploration and contact with alien species. One of these species, the Klix, waged war on the human race a long time ago, and the only way Earth’s forces turned the tide of the battle was by genetically engineering a group of fast-aging soldiers, the Sixers, who fought like savages. In the wake of these specialized battalions came the Piecers, a group of genetically modified troops who aged at the normal rate. Most of the Piecers never saw battle since the Sixers drove the Klix off of Earth.

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The Promise: Book 1 of the Piecer Chronicles, begins with the “graduation” of the Piecer Corp. Brothers Chase and Loose, and their corp friends. are graduating from the only life they've ever known. Twenty years before, the Earth was invaded by the Klix in the Great War. The Sixers, a group of genetically engineered soldiers, saved the Earth from the Klix, but on the day of graduation, the Klix return with a vengeance. At least one of them has supported the enemy!

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