A Pocket Full of Cheer
A Pocket Full of Cheer

A Pocket Full of Cheer follows Sam, from A Pocket Full of Colours, as he continues to discover new emotions that he has and how he can manage them. Sam's emotions are actually small creatures that live in the navy blue pocket of his favourite t-shirt and they like to pop out to show how they feel in a dramatic way.

In this story, Sam's friend teaches him that everyone has emotions and that you can even create new ones too, if you work hard enough of course.

Cheer Sam on as he meets Grey and learns how he can live with him, using the help of a little bit of positivity!

Addendum: A Pocket Full of Cheer is a book that is a part of a series. The book can function as a stand alone but the reader should be aware that the boy, Sam, along with some of his emotions, Yellow, Blue, Red and Purple were all introduced in the first book of the series: A Pocket Full of Colours. I hope you enjoy it!

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  • Juvenile Fiction

Age Level: 

  • 5 - 8
Sam has always had "creatures" in his pocket. Whenever Sam is having a good time and feeling happy, yellow comes out! But when something doesn't go his way and he is upset, grey comes out. When grey is out, everything seems worse than it is.  With the help of his friend Ryan, will Sam be able to control how he feels (and which creatures come out)? Sam just may be able to accomplish this if he tries his best!
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For Sam, having a pocket full of colorful emotions can be a lot, but with the color grey, it's overwhelming. Grey constantly moans and complains about everything. Grey cuts down Sam at the local park and his time with his best friend Ryan. Nothing seems to help Sam overcome the emotion of grey.  When Ryan mentions his pocketful of colors to Sam, Sam learns that everyone around him, too, has a pocketful of emotions. And now Sam meets orange, a new feeling called "cheer."

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