Piki Goes Flying
Piki Goes Flying
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Piki Goes Flying is a beautifully illustrated, educational, entertaining and fun story for children and adults. It is the second in a series of three adventure books about Piki (rhymes with sneaky), a Service Dog. Piki's second adventure takes her on her first airplane flights. Piki tells the story herself and just because she is a well-trained Service Dog and is flying with her person, Joan, doesn't mean she isn't full of questions and opinions about all of the rules they both must follow. Children will love Piki's quirky antics before, during the flight and getting off the plane. Piki is the only one on the plane who receives a gift from a special person which made her feel very proud. But Piki adds that she was the only one on the plane who didn't get one of those tiny bags of treats! Joan and Piki arrive safely at their destination with a bit of Piki excitement added. 

In Piki's first book, Piki Goes to College, the story of her training to be a Service Dog, there was information for adults making it educational for both adults and children. In Piki Goes Flying, Joan includes up to date information including rules and regulations from the U. S. Department of Transportation and airlines about traveling on a plane with a Service Dog. 

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  • Picture book

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  • 5 - 8
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Piki, "the mischievous and independent" service dog, goes on her second adventure in the new picture book Piki Goes Flying. Piki's first adventure took her to college. In Piki's second book, she is learning all about airports, airplanes, and how to be a well-behaved service dog when taking your first flight. Piki takes the flight with her favorite human, her owner Joan, and along the way they meet concerned travelers and see many new strange things.

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On her second adventure, follow Piki the Service Dog in preparing for her first flight along with her person, Joan. Piki is a curious pup with many questions about what traveling on an airplane entails. For instance, why do people have bags that heel? Why do those birds that fly over her backyard look so big up close? But most importantly, why doesn’t she get any treats on the airplane like the other passengers?

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