Other People's Crazy
Other People's Crazy
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In suburban Arizona, the biggest kid in his high school sophomore class is being bullied by the smallest. With no dad, best friend, or girlfriend, Brandon's life feels like pure hopeless chaos. But thanks to his crazy single mom, a stray dog, a bronco-busting hairdresser, a random left turn, and boomerang karma from the Universe, Brandon has a chance to turn his life in a new direction. Chaos, or Choice? They're both in the mix of crazy at Mesa Grande High!

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  • Fiction

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  • 12 and up

Other People’s Crazy by Gregory Fletcher is a book written from the point of view of a high school boy trying to fit in. The book introduces Brandon as an overweight boy who has some trouble making friends, and therefore he doesn’t try. On one particular day, Brandon goes outside to eat lunch, like he does every day, but this time, the smallest kid in class comes flying at him. With the help of a friend, Stuart (the boy who attacked Brandon) posts a video of the fight online.

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Other People's Crazy is a book following the story of Brandon Filips and his chaotic life. Brandon is the largest person in his class, yet he's also the timidest and often feels invisible despite his size. One day, he gets bullied by the smallest kid in class, but a video the bully's friend recorded and edited makes it seem like Brandon is the bully. Now Brandon is being sent to the principal's office with his mother for something he didn't even do. Little does Brandon know, though, his life is about to change forever.

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