The Murderous Macaron
The Murderous Macaron

Julie has her freedom,
a dream job as a pastry chef,
and a corpse growing cold on her floor...

Welcome to Beldoc, a small town in the heart of Provence, imbued with lavender and fresh baked bread! You can idle around, or you can puzzle out a murder mystery.

When a man dies on her watch in her pâtisserie, newly divorced chef Julie Cavallo is dismayed.
It isn’t that she’s a suspect.
The local gendarmerie captain signs off the death as a natural event. A heart attack.
But for a reason she won’t discuss, Julie suspects Maurice Sauve was poisoned.
What’s a girl to do?
She’ll ignore the risk and seek justice for Maurice on her own!

Well, not quite on her own. Julie’s eccentric grandmother, her snarky sister and her geeky sous chef are keen to help.
The team’s amateurism is a challenge.
But there’s also the pesky matter of no evidence, no clues, and soon, no body.
The murder—if it was a murder—was planned and executed flawlessly.

Can a small-town baker solve the perfect crime?

"The Murderous Macaron" is a twisty whodunnit mystery perfect for fans of Janet Evanovich, Alexander McCall Smith, Jana DeLeon and Lilian Jackson Braun.

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  • Mystery

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  • Any Age

After living half of her life in Paris, Julie Cavallo, the main character in The Murderous Macaron by Ana T. Drew, has decided to move back to her birthplace, a small village in Provence, France, to pursue her dream of becoming a pastry chef. Julie opens up her own gluten-free pastry shop, hoping it will become a bustling hub where people will come to enjoy her “delights”. But Julie soon learns that opening a new business isn’t quite as easy as she thought.

 In a small town called Beldoc, Provence,  we follow a 30-year-old chef named Julie Cavallo who has a patisserie that is gluten-free. Julie is teaching a man named Maurice the ways of baking when he suddenly has a heart attack and dies. His death is filed by the gendarmerie as a natural death, but Julie thinks otherwise. Julie suspects that he was poisoned, so she goes on a hunt to find clues and evidence to reveal the culprit of this crime, with her sous chef, Eric, her sister, Florence, and her grandma, Rose by her side.

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