The Mountain and the Goat
The Mountain and the Goat
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To create a generation of resourceful children... that's the mission of The Mountain and The Goat - a modern-day fable designed to plant the seed of entrepreneurship & resourcefulness in children.Beautifully illustrated, The Mountain and The Goat starts with a chance encounter with a singing goat that take the reader on a journey of bartering and decision-making and end with afternoon nap.

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  • Juvenile Fiction

Age Level: 

  • 5 - 8
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The Mountain and the Goat is a picture book where one thing leads to another. In this book, the theme shows the reader that if you give someone something they need, then this person will return the favor. In this story, the narrator gives an object to someone, and the receiver pays the narrator back by giving him another object. Then the narrator shares the received gift with another person. It is a continuous cycle throughout the book involving the narrator and various characters.

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I ran to the mountains. There, I met a singing goat who gave me bread and water. What would you do with this gift from an unlikely source? See how to make the most of what you are given in this cute short story for early readers.

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