The Mootants vs. The Unstoppable Mega-Chicken
The Mootants vs. The Unstoppable Mega-Chicken
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Have you 'herd' about the Mootants?

They're moo-pendous!
They're curd-rageous!
They power-full...of milk!

When a monstrous and fowl creation Threatens the whole population, These young, heroic cattle Are eager to fly into battle. They are...the Mootants!

This first book book of a thrilling and hilarious new middle-grade series by best-selling, award-winning author Derek Taylor Kent combines the art and humor of comic books with the literary excitement of chapter books. Life on the farm has never been so hair-raising! Join the Mootants as they save our hides from an un-beakable villain bent on world chicken domination. The perfect book for reluctant readers and transitional readers from picture books to chapter books.

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  • Adventure

Age Level: 

  • 8 - 12
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Kyma the calf has always found her life at Lumpke Farm to be boring. She can't help but wonder what is beyond the fenced area she stays in with all the other cows and calves. So when Jerry, one of the chickens from the farm, tells her he has a plan to help her escape, she starts to consider it. Kyma learns that she and the other calves are going to be entered into the cutest calf competition, and she realizes that this would be a good time for her to escape.

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The Mootants vs the Unstoppable Mega-Chicken by Derek Taylor Kent features the story of Kyma and her friends, a herd of calves living in a quiet, peaceful farm. Kyma is tired of her confined life in the farm; she wishes to explore the world beyond the fence and lead an extraordinary life. Her wish begins to come true as she, along with her friends, gains superpower through Blooze, the insane invention of a scientist called Dr. Eggsplatt who has been made to believe that he is a chicken. Dr.

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