The Maker
The Maker
The Maker
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When a mysterious drawing binder appears on thirteen-year-old Nate Smith’s windowsill, he starts having visions—and drawing them. Strange creatures come for his work, launching him on a space adventure to learn the alien art of making. Armed with an otherworldly pen that brings his drawings to life, Nate must save planets, and his parents, from the dark creations of an alien mastermind. If only he believed he had talent.

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  • Science Fiction
  • Special

Age Level: 

  • 8 - 12
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The Maker is a book about thirteen-year-old Nate Smith. Nate’s parents are divorced, and the last time he saw his dad was six months ago. He knows he hasn’t been forgotten, though, because about two months after his dad left, he was sent a binder to put his drawings in. Attached to it was a note, “Your father would want you to have this. Put the good ones in here.” That was the day the visions started. 

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The Maker, a work of fantastical science-fiction by D.F. Anderson, is a book that is difficult to summarize in just one paragraph. The main character, Nate, is going through a tough time in his life. He hasn’t seen his father in six months - ever since his parents got divorced. Ted, his new “Dad,” discourages Nate’s love of drawing. The only reminder Nate has of his “old” life is a special binder that his Dad sent to him where Nate puts all of his artwork.

From the Publisher

The Maker received a 5 Star Review from Readers' Favorite.

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