Maddy's Dream
Maddy's Dream
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In Maddy's Dream, Maddy and Grace get involved in the world of dinosaurs. They are threatened by a mean and hungry T. rex who wants to devour them. They have to escape, and they get help from an unlikely friend. A baby brontosaurus dinosaur. Together they find out what it means to have a helping hand when everything looks hopeless.

Stay tuned to Maddy and Grace as they have more adventures in the future.

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  • Picture book

Age Level: 

  • 5 - 8
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Maddy's Dream is the story of the adventures that a young girl named Maddy and her friend Grace have in Maddy's dream. Maddy and Grace decide that since the weather is nice, they would like to have a picnic in the jungle. They pack up some delicious snacks and enjoy them in the jungle, listening to the sounds of nature around them, when all of a sudden a T. Rex comes up and eats them! Lucky for them, the T. Rex quickly throws them back up and leaves them all alone. Maddy and Grace spot another dinosaur peaking around a bush and worry that they will be eaten again!

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