Katie - the daughter of
Katie - the daughter of

Katie is seventeen years old and starting another new school. For once she’s hoping that she’ll fit in; she’s hoping that her new school mates won’t find out anything about her weird family.
How weird? Well her fathers a two-thousand-year-old Immortal and happens to have the day job of Grim Reaper, making her literally the daughter of Death. Her Dad tries so hard, but everyone who meets him can sense there is something very strange and scary about him. Add the last name of Death, and a lot of Mortals come closer to the truth than they should and necessitate moving to yet another new town.
Everything starts so well this time, but soon Katie gets dragged into a millennium old battle between the Angels who reside Upstairs and the Demons who inhabit Downstairs. A battle thats outcome will change the fate of every Mortal alive.

Book Details


  • Paranormal

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up

Katie is the teenage daughter of James and Susan Death. Yes, Death is their last name as her father is the Grim Reaper, so as you can imagine Katie's story is nothing like a normal teenager's would be. She begins a new school year in a new town and new school hoping that this once she will find a friend. She is thrilled when she doesn't only find one great friend in Jodie, but rather a group of friends! The start of her hoped-for-normal school year comes grinding to a hault after a catastrophe on the hockey field.

What would you do if death followed you everywhere you went? Katie - The Daughter Of tells the story of a girl who literally lives that very scenario, but not in the way one would think. Seventeen-year-old Katie Death is the daughter of one of the world’s many Grim Reapers, James Death. Grim Reapers are Immortals who serve to help separate souls from their dead hosts. As her dad is Immortal, Katie has heard stories about the Immortals her whole life. These stories include things like the battle between Upstairs and Downstairs and between Angels and Demons.

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