The Iron in Blood
The Iron in Blood (The Iron Trilogy Book 1)
The Iron in Blood
Jenny Doe
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Rebecca Harding is an ordinary teenager whose DNA hides an extraordinary secret. A routine blood test after an accident turns her peaceful and rather mundane life upside-down, as she becomes the focus of three powerful brothers with exceptional skills and an age-old secret. As she begins to come to terms with her life as the world’s newest and most reluctant vampire, she is abducted, and must embrace her new powers if she has any hope of escape.

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  • Paranormal
  • Romance

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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I believe this book is one of the best "vampire" books I have ever read. The book is a modern tale of vampirism.  The main character has to come to turns that every thing she once knew is not true anymore, and that her life is forever changed. It's a faced pace book that will instantly draw you in. And leave you wanting more.
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In the book The Iron in Blood, Jenny Doe tells about a teenage girl who finds out she is a vampire and that there are other vampires out there. This fantasy/romance story is set in present day in Rebecca’s neighborhood. The story begins when Rebecca gets hit by a car and breaks her leg.

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Rebecca Harding seems like a normal girl with a normal life. When she meets her new neighbor, Augus, she falls for him. Soon, everything changes. Augus leads Rebecca to discover some things about herself. During all of this, Augus and Rebecca start to feel an attraction to each other. It is so hard for them to hold back from each other. It turns out that Augus is a vampire. He lives on iron tablets, pills that vampires take to activate or boost their powers.

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