Infinity 7: Gods Among Men
Infinity 7: Gods Among Men


Join Menzuo, The Majesties of Canaan and the Heroes of The Cape as they band together to oppose to the forces of evil!

As the eternal, all powerful Natas Selur – allied by the formidable Judge Amaruk – make plans to return to Earth and exact his revenge on The Majesties of Canaan, Menzuo, along with his comrades, continues his journey as the Universal Protector by refining his battle training in his home galaxy, while The Capes find themselves once again donning their costumes to fight a growing number of evil Super-Normals threats in Hero City.

But when Blur continues to have growing visions of the future and Tenan gets caught in a time-loop using his portal jumping abilities, fate brings all our heroes together to forge an unexpected alliance, with the hopes of stopping the imminent threat to the planet. As they gather together to face Judge Amaruk, Natas, his Giants and other Super-Normals, Menzuo can’t shake the suspicion that an even larger, more dangerous threat is in route from deep space – one that even this band of Heroes may not be strong enough to stop – hell-bent on not only enslaving planet Earth, but the entire universe.

Book Details


  • Adventure
  • Science Fiction

Age Level: 

  • Mature Young Adult
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