The Illustrated Boatman's Daughter
The Illustrated Boatman's Daughter
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Watch what you wish for!! Young Salima is treasured by her father and her extended family of river-people. Yet she feels trapped. She longs to see the world beyond the Nile.  

Fate arrives in the form of an invitation. The Dutch agents who help supervise the construction of the great Suez Canal need a native, someone known to the people, to retrieve stolen equipment. Salima and her new friend, Emile, are chosen. 

The two girls find that shadowy forces stalk Egypt. As she circulates through Cairo and the lands beyond, Salima discovers that her people have been enslaved to dig the Canal, working without food, pay or respite. She demands fair treatment, and wins from the lazy Pasha a contract calling for good pay and safe working conditions.  

Richly illustrated edition of a young-adult historical fiction novella.

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  • Historical Fiction

Age Level: 

  • Mature Young Adult

The Illustrated Boatman's Daughter is a historical fiction book telling the story of a 14 year-old Egyptian girl on her mission to save Egypt from devastation. She is accompanied by friends and allies against the schemings of the Europeans, who seek to dominate trade through the construction of the Suez Canal. Having grown up a boatsmen's daughter, she sails and adventures through the rivers of the Nile to save her country. 

The Illustrated Boatman’s Daughter tells the tale of Salima, an intelligent and brave 16-year old girl, who dreams of seeing the world beyond her home. In an attempt to obtain some money to finally begin her adventure, she is recruited to assist in the construction of the Suez Canal. Her acceptance of the job comes with the sudden realization of what the canal truly means for Egypt and the world. She faces injustices, foreign conflicts, and perilous events with her trusty collie, Fadil, and her newfound friends.

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