A Helping Paw
A Helping Paw
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Our modern, hectic lifestyles have helped create dissatisfaction, illness and disassociation with our true selves.

Although they are often puzzled by the human race's actions and therefore are incapable of knowing everything about the human world, through intense observations, Mr. Midnight and Sir Winston thought it apt to lend a helping paw to perhaps put the modern individual back on track. 

They attempt to open the eyes of the modern individual to the important things in life; namely, to not take oneself too seriously and to enjoy what life has to offer that much more.

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  • Fiction

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  • Mature Young Adult

A Helping Paw by Allan Gilmour is an interesting twist on a self-help or best-life novel. Gilmour uses his two feline companions, Mr. Fred Midnight and Sir George Francis Winston, to give input on decisions and their outcomes for all "humans." Gilmour starts each chapter with a quirky description of where the two felines are currently hanging out and what they are doing there. Then, Midnight and Winston soon turn their current situation into a speculation on human behavior - with reasoning behind decisions and the outcomes they garner. 

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