The Grove of 100 Wishes
The Grove of 100 Wishes
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Bullying is a problem that kids face daily between school, youth groups, and social media. Bullying can lower confidence and lead to side-effects, such as anxiety and depression. The way to overcome bullying is to replace it with kindness and to teach character and integrity. This is Ayanna’s goal in The Grove of 100 Wishes; to spread kindness. Ayanna is a girl with a big heart who loves helping others. Her benevolent spirit is tested when her siblings tease her and challenge her efforts in helping strangers along a journey that is meant to test each of them and teach a valuable lesson about character. What will Ada and Ade’ learn along the way? Travel with each of them to understand more about integrity, respect, and humility in The Grove of 100 Wishes. As a bonus, included are tools and tips to help your child or students grow. You will find educational resources to help children better understand Plot Development and Literary Elements, which enhances reading comprehension. You will also find a Social and Emotional Learning Guide that allows students to reflect and create a positive growth mindset. This book is written not only for enjoyment but also for meeting the growth and development needs of the whole child.

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  • Picture book

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  • 5 - 8
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Ayanna is the member of the African royal family, but she sure doesn't act like it! Her siblings are spoiled and self-centered. The Emperor and his wife want their children to be close and set them off on a trip to help them bond. They are sent on a trek to the Grove of 100 wishes where each will have a wish granted.

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The Grove of 100 Wishes is a story about an African royal family with three children. The parents send their three children on a journey to a Grove with 100 wishes where they can choose one wish for each of them. Along their journey, the personalities of each child are revealed and tested when they encounter characters and other surprises along the way. Will the siblings reach the Grove with 100 wishes? Will they be granted their wishes? And what will they learn about themselves along the way?

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