Family Fun Day
Family Fun Day
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Family Fun Day happens every year in Penguin World and Tweet Tweet & Friends are ready for it! Remember Tweet Tweet, the pink penguin, broke her wing BUT now she is back up to speed. Because she knows she can fly, she has no feelings of anxiety. She is not even scared when they dive too deep into the water. All her friends join in as they swim, fly and have a great time. Join them in the pictures and jokes and the stories from Papa Tweet Tweet. It's great as Friends are Forever in Penguin World!!

This is book#1 of the series Tweet Tweet & Friends, and early readers can read for themselves now. The colorful illustrations help a lot. Moms and Dads, kids 6-8 years old like Tweet Tweet, learn quickly to forget any anxiety as they jump in and enjoy Family Fun Day.

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  • Picture book

Age Level: 

  • 5 - 8
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Tweet Tweet is a special penguin who is different from other peguins she knows. Throughout the book, Tweet Tweet learns that some of her peers embrace her differences while others make her feel inadequate. For example, Tweet is able to fly without attending a special class. Even though some of her peers are jealous of her ability to do so without guidance, Tweet Tweet continues to fly with confidence. There is also a nice example of how Tweet Tweet does not give into peer pressure.

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Family Fun Day is a story set in a winter wonderland called Penguin World. The story follows a young and unique penguin named Tweet Tweet. While at Family Fun Day, Tweet Tweet is feeling somewhat anxious about returning to school. Her mother comforts her and reminds her to focus on the day in front of them and just have fun. After some reassurance, Tweet Tweet runs into her friend, Pegie. Tweet Tweet and Pegie have fun in the snow and ice and talk to many of their school friends; their teacher even shows up!

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