Eve's Ducklings
Eve's Ducklings

Join Eve and her Grandpa on their daily walks to the lake, where Eve tries to make friends with two ducklings. Will Eve's antics win over the shy ducklings and their protective mother duck? This sweet story, beautifully illustrated with watercolors and ink, will inspire young readers ages 3-5 to be kind to animals.

Book Details


  • Picture book

Age Level: 

  • 3 - 5

Eve’s Ducklings is a story about a young girl and her grandfather and their visits to a local park. At the park, Eve and her grandfather discover a family of ducklings, and Eve is instantly fascinated. She wants to know all about them and experience what it is like to hold, pat, and hug a duckling. Each time Eve tries to get close to the ducklings, something stops her! Eve is saddened by the fact that she cannot get close to the ducklings, and she wants to give up. Finally, Eve learns how to experience the ducklings and make them come to her on their own.

 Eve’s Ducklings follows a young girl named Eve and her grandpa visiting the lake for the first time. They see ducklings at the lake, and Eve attempts to be friends with them by trying to hug, pat, and touch them. Her attempts fail, but Eve tries a different method, which is to feed them. A couple of days later, Eve and Grandpa go back to the lake and don’t see any ducklings. Eve sets out some sunflower seeds for them, and the ducklings eventually come to greet their new friend and eat the delicious seeds.

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