Ernesto Joked
Ernesto Joked

Ernesto has a talent for making others laugh. But when a cantankerous coyoté invades the bosque and threatens the quails, it’s no time for jokes—or is it? Coyoté demands a funny story . . . or else. With his whole covey counting on him, will Ernesto think of a story funny enough to make Coyoté howl with laughter?

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  • Picture book

Age Level: 

  • 5 - 8
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In the book Ernesto Joked by Hazel Pacheco, a joyful covey of birds enjoys their days with Ernesto, the group's resident comedian, always sharing jokes that send them into fits of laughter. Their joyful chirping came to a stop when a coyote enters their territory. It turns out, the coyote is in search of a new home after humans encroached on his previous home. Annoyed by Ernesto's playful banter, the coyote proposes a challenge: If Ernesto can make him laugh with one of his jokes, he'll continue his search elsewhere.

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