Edge Anomaly
Edge Anomaly

Meg Rabbit is a neurodivergent overachiever from a mixed racial family. She grew up running wild in the northern woods of Canada, which is a rare experience for a human person these days.

When she's not writing, Meg is the CEO of a software company called LUMOplay, a singer-songwriter, a 2D character animator, and the recipient of several granted patents for interactive display technology. She lives in Montreal with her partner and an extremely adorable grey cat.

Book Details


  • Fantasy
  • Science Fiction
  • Special

Age Level: 

  • 8 - 12

Twelve-year-old Edge has lived her entire life on Crescent Island. She is a Forax, an anthropomorphic creature similar to a squirrel. She lives in a treehouse overlooking a big lake surrounded by mountains. In the summer, the valley is full of life, and this is when Edge loves to visit the Grotto where she studies the insects and other animals she finds there. Edge wonders: Are there any other animals that can talk the way she and her mother can? Her question is answered when she meets Xalma the amph, a gryphon named Jessop, and a rover named Sole.

Edge Anomaly: The Spirit of Crescent Island is a book following Edge, a 12-year-old Forax, and her friends on a harrowing adventure across the land of Marrow. All her life, Edge believed that she and her mother, Mana, were the only creatures capable of speech. She studied the Insects with her mother for her whole life, never knowing or caring about the world outside of their tiny bubble.

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