On The Edge
On The Edge

[Siren Sensations: Contemporary Consensual BDSM Interracial Romantic Suspense Romance, MF, with FF elements, bondage, spanking, sex toys, HEA]

Aspiring fashion designer Melania Noble has her sights set on an exclusive contract with budding, chic retailer, Ramara’s Rags. With tragic experiences of domestic violence in her past, Mel doesn't want to waste a second not pursuing her dream and has no time for distractions, especially those of the all-consuming, arrogant male variety.

Haunted and determined to avoid the same mistakes of his dysfunctional parents, well-heeled architect Edge Ryan sublimates his thirst for kink with work. A chance encounter with rough-and-ready “Mel the car mechanic,” reveals what a poor substitute work has been. He’ll have his job cut out for him, however, convincing Mel to break her own dry spell and explore her inner submissive.

The deeper she lets Edge take her down the BDSM rabbit hole, however, the more Mel realizes she’s enjoying the trip and the more Edge realizes he may have finally found not just a playmate but a soul mate.

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Melania Noble, an African American embryo fashion designer, is aiming for a deal with the retailer Ramaras Rags. Having faced violence in the past, Mel is focused on chasing her dream without any distractions from overbearing men. On the hand, Caucasian architect Edge Ryan, haunted by his parents’ mistakes, channels his desires into work to avoid pitfalls. A random meeting in a New York taxicab, ignites something between Mel and Edge which takes them beyond their ambitions and work.

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