Under the Light of a Full Moon
Under the Light of a Full Moon
Every family has its secrets, but Clara’s family secret is more amazing than most – for one member of each generation of Clara’s family inherits a magical ability. But with that ability also comes a curse.Clara is an ordinary girl, living an ordinary, happy life. Then she starts to have problems getting to sleep. When she does sleep she has terrifying nightmares and she hears whispering voices in the night. She thinks she is going crazy. Then her Great Aunt Selina takes her to one side and tells Clara that she has inherited the gift of shape shifting, but those who inherit the gift also fall victim to a curse.Clara struggles to come to terms with these revelations and accept her new destiny. Will she succeed in mastering this, so called, gift and conquering the threats triggered by the curse - to her happiness, her relationships, her sanity and ultimately her life?

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  • Fantasy
  • Special

Age Level: 

  • 8 - 12
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Clara’s aunt has a secret, one that could change Clara’s life forever. One person from each generation of Clara’s family is able to shapeshift, and Clara has been chosen. Sadly, her ancestor was cursed by a gypsy that prevented her from changing into animals at will.

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Hello, Please add this book to my "book review" and send it out as soon as possible. As mentioned in my email, I do not want to review Some Very Messy Medieval Magic as it is the third book of the series rather than the first. Thank you! Hasse Pagel
1 month 2 weeks ago
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