The Deadly Wizard Games
The Deadly Wizard Games
The Deadly Wizard Games
Former Title: The Four Kings What happens when Wizards take over the world, uniting five continents and vowing a better utopia for all? Seeking liaisons to their new subjects--Mortals as the Wizards call them--the new rulers seek five humans, one per continent. For North America, it's Amanda Fullerton who is chosen by the ruling quartet of Wizards--Indie, Demus, Regi, and Justica. The Wizards revere several mystic tenets of their civilization, one of them being competitions of magic, which demand cunning and strength. As such, the Wizard Games offer Amanda insight into their ways, as she seeks to learn about the Wizards as much as possible, but this incredible magic also brings danger. Caught between the Wizards and the Mortals, Amanda finds herself playing both sides until the day arrives when the fate of the entire world is at stake. And in her hands.

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  • Fantasy

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  • 12 and up
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The Deadly Wizard Games by Scott Spotson is a story about when the earth becomes a disaster zone on the brink of nuclear war, four wizards overthrow the United States government and decide to take over the entire world. This does not go over well with the humans, who are mad at the interruption. In an attempt to reach out to them, the wizards appoint Amanda Fullerton as a liaison between the wizards and the rest of the world. It is from her viewpoint that we see what happens in this strange new world.
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This book has a mysterious twinge in possibility and promise.  The Deadly Wizard Games is about when four wizards who are Indie, Justica, Demus, and Reggie come down on an unsuspecting Earth. Their claim was that they were going to help all of the Earth’s problems..  In the beginning, they meet with resistance to their rule, but soon the people began to see how the Wizards helped them with devices such as M- Coins, or Mortal Coins, new job creations, and… magic.

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2 years 2 months ago

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