The Dark World
The Dark World
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Paige Kelly is used to weird—in fact, she probably corners the market on weird, considering that her best friend, Dottie, has been dead since the 1950s. But when a fire demon attacks Paige in detention, she has to admit that things have gotten out of her league. Luckily, the cute new boy in school, Logan Bradley, is a practiced demonslayer—and he isn't fazed by Paige's propensity to chat with the dead. Suddenly, Paige is smack in the middle of a centuries-old battle between warlocks and demons, learning to fight with a magic sword so that she can defend herself. And if she makes one wrong move, she'll be pulled into the Dark World, an alternate version of our world that's overrun by demons—and she might never make it home.

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  • Adventure
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  • Paranormal
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  • 12 and up
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Paige is familiar with weird--In fact, she probably corners the market on weird, considering the fact that her best friend is dead. But, being attacked by a fire demon makes things a little bit weirder for her. Thank goodness that a cute boy named Logan is a demonslayer. Now she must learn how to fight demons off with a sword in order to protect herself, but if she makes one wrong move, she'll be pulled into the Dark Wolrd. an alternate version of our world that is full of demons. 

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Paige is not your normal teenage girl. Her only friend is a girl who is dead. Paige is the only one who can see her too. The world around just thinks she's crazy and they call her Bellevue Kelly because of it. After a little while a new kid named Logan comes to her school, and starts borrowing her pink pens trying to get to know her. Then four new students come in to the school, and they all don't really like Paige. The thing is that every time Paige talks to her dead friend it opens a rift in between the real world and the dark world where all the demons are.

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Paige Kelly lives the lonely life of an outcast.

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Ever since the accident Paige has been able to see ghosts. When her parents move her to a new school she meets Dottie, her best friend, who is also a ghost. Everyone makes fun of Paige and very few even take the time to talk to her until Logan, a stunningly nice and cute boy, enrolls. But this cheery story stops being so cheery when Paige is attacked by demons.

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