Carnival Panic
Carnival Panic
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Candy makes the PonPon Bunnies sweet. Be careful if they’re angry. And watch out for traps! These are the dangers of competing in the Carnival Panic game show, a ruthless competition that tests the chosen competitors with mental and physical struggles. In order to claim the substantial monetary prize, the winner must solve a series of room puzzles and succeed in entertaining the fickle masses.

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  • Science Fiction

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  • Mature Young Adult
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“Candy makes them sweet.” As the hostess introduces the contestants of the fifth season of Carnival Panic to the cute, fluffy, pink bunny at her side; the creature certainly doesn’t resemble the limb-removing, metal monster it can become. In a world filled with misery and death every day, why wouldn’t the masses enjoying watching more of it on live television in a competition to the extreme?

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A group of contestants enter a competition to win a large sum of money, but there's a catch... the game can maim, hurt, and injure but not kill. In a deceptively innocent arena filled with children toys and loud carnival type music, these contestants complete challenges. The game ends when all the challenges are completed by a person or after two weeks. After a challenge is completed, a gift is awarded either sodas, candy, or other partly useful objects. 

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