The Cape: Overdrive
The Cape: An Epic Superhero Fantasy Adventure Series - Overdrive (A Dark Spores Novel Book 5)
The Cape: Overdrive
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Superheroes Wage War Once AgainWhen the world is thrown into a panic from the imminent threat of a gigantic asteroid worth a Quintilian dollars, superhero The Capes are asked to protect the planet from certain doom. But it's not just the destructive force of the impact that everyone fears; it's greed. Multiple nations gather to collect on the bounty for the precious meteorite while evil Super-Normals with superpowers threaten to salvage the precious stone for their own deeds. Even the position of military power hangs in the balance as the most poorest of countries will catapult to the top of the totem pole with just an ounce of the spoil. Only caped heroes like Paladin, Thief and Blurr can save the day, utilizing every bit of their superpowers - shifting into Overdrive - as the fate of the entire galaxy ultimately hinges on the emergence of a new villain from deep space.Praise for The Cape:"An Epic Superhero Series!" - Literary Titan"A wonderful Superhero Adventure Series!" - LitPick

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  • Adventure
  • Series

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  • 12 and up
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The Cape: Overdrive is an excellent addition to the Dark Spores series. Sebastian continues to use his wealth to create suits that turn him into a Super-Normal and his alter ego, Paladin, in order to protect the streets of Chicago, that in recent years have become a lot crazier. After many Normals were changed into Super-Normals, the dynamic of the planet has changed; it again turned into a war between differences. A lot deadlier war, a war in which the Super-Normals had to choose a side, a side between humanity or evolution of humanity.

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The Cape: Overdrive is a book following the adventures of Paladin, Blurr, and Thief in their pursuit of saving the world. The Capes must save the world from falling into a massive war when an asteroid worth a quintillion dollars is spotted in outer space, set on a course for Earth. Everyone wants to possess the asteroid, including all the evil Super-Normals. Whoever possesses even a small fraction of this asteroid will become the richest person (or country) in the world.

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