Buckley's Unexpected Adventure
Buckley's Unexpected Adventure
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Buckley, a young, enthusiastic detector dog, was about to clock off from his regular shift at the Brisbane International Airport when he uncovered a shipment of smuggled exotic animals.

Discovering that all but one, a chameleon named Ciara, and two turtle eggs, had perished on the long journey, Buckley makes it his mission to track down who is behind the smuggling ring and ensure no more helpless animals are killed. 

A fire is ignited within Buckley and he is determined to return Ciara to her home and reunite her with her family. 

Breaking all of his obedience training, Buckley, Ciara and a charismatic Californian mouse named Bo, set out on an international adventure that propels them from a world of structure and safety into dangerous situations.

With fast-pace, witty humour and suspense, Dion Summergreene takes young readers on a crime-fighting adventure like no other to discover an exotic world through the eyes of man’s best friend. Buckley's Unexpected Adventure shines the spotlight on animal conservation, the importance of teamwork, friendship, and working through your fears to achieve the impossible.

Book Details


  • Adventure
  • Animals

Age Level: 

  • 8 - 12

Buckley is a German Shepherd who works in a airport, sniffing out anything suspicious. Buckley’s best friend Sarge and Sarge's partner are retiring. On the night of the going away party, before the party, Buckley and his partner Adam search through the last mail delivery making sure there is nothing illegal in the mail. After they finish, Buckley hears little scratching noises. He sniffs out a crate full of porcelain statues each with a dead chameleon in them. Adam and Buckley search through all of the statues looking for a survivor.

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