Beneath the Heavens
Beneath the Heavens
Beneath the Heavens
They heard about the Miracle Line because they were rich. They took it because they were dying. On a clear Janvius morning, eight passengers from an alternate universe board a luxury train bound for the Everlands, a mysterious island so clean it is said to cure every ailment of the flesh. Under their paranoid, chain-smoking engineer Fritz Carpenter, the passengers embark on a three-day journey to arrive in a utopia beautiful beyond imagination. But things at the Everlands are not as they seem. Each plagued by their personal manias, the new arrivals must figure out why their friends are turning up dead -- not from disease, but murder -- before their fragile lives prematurely unravel.

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  • Adventure
  • Fantasy
  • Mystery

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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Imagine a place where the community is above and beyond the definition of hospitable. Imagine a place where there is no government, or jobs or worries. The Neverlands is heaven on earth with its picturesque location and pristine air. It is a true utopian society where only the very rich and the very sick go in hopes that the magic of the Neverlands will heal their ailment.

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On a train bound for the Everlands, a fabled island that is said to remedy all ailments, many who are said to have "incurable" diseases wait as they speed toward their salvation in Beneath the Heavens by Christine O'Nell. Some are bedridden, some barely conscious, some just slowly wasting away. Saying they are relived when they get there is an understatement barely surviving a vulpiodon attack (the Everland's only real "threat") was heart-stopping enough.

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