Christine O'Neill


Christine O’Neill, a native of small-town New York, has been writing books since she was 16. Now 20 years old, she can proudly say her total is 13, only a few of which she has ever attempted publishing. With the help of her enterprising mentor/agent/friend, Shannon Mersand, she has decided to try her hand at self-publishing a few of her novels. They are available for eReader and (soon!) in paperback form through various online markets.

Christine is currently studying Writing and French at SUNY Geneseo, with her eyes on about a billion different post-graduate programs, careers, and long-shots. She is a columnist and radio-voice for Pawling Public Radio, a Resident Assistant at her University, and interning at her local library.

She is extremely grateful for your interest in her site (and hopefully her writing!) and hopes you won’t hesitate to contact her if there’s anything on your mind. You can reach her at