Actionable Life Skills for Young Adults: 11 Powerful Steps
Actionable Life Skills for Young Adults: 11 Powerful Steps

Discover what school didn’t cover! Prepare your young adult (age 16 and up, U.S. context) for a self-reliant adulthood, whether they live with you or not, with this 11-step, easy-to read guide. Each chapter can be read out of sequence, as needed!

Empower your teen with actionable skills like budgeting, preparing for a job interview, getting their first car, and so much more, including an Action Plan to follow at the back of the book.

Are you a parent or guardian concerned about your teenager or young adult venturing into the world independently? Are you looking for a smooth and effective way for them to master essential life skills, ensuring they achieve genuine independence?

If so, this well-researched guide is precisely what you need. A treasure trove of wisdom crafted to accelerate your teenager's personal and professional journey, it guides them from the early stages of self-discovery to the thrilling moment they're prepared to soar into adulthood, equipped with the tools for financial independence.

Your child will come away with a clear understanding of:

  • How to succeed in the professional world
  • How to deal with neurodiversity in the workplace 
  • What money management and budgeting tools are at their disposal
  • How to handle interpersonal conflict
  • How to stay safe inside their home and online
  • The basics of nourishing not only their brain, but also their body when it comes to nutrition
  • Much more

    Filled with inspiring real-life stories, this book invites your teen to embark on a process of self-reflection through thought-provoking questions and practical steps.

This guide encourages communication between teens and trusted adults. It also highlights that genuine success extends beyond mere skills, emphasizing the importance of embracing what makes each person authentically human.

After all, life is about thriving, not just surviving!



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  • Inspirational
  • Nonfiction

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  • Mature Young Adult
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Maya Shine’s Actionable Life Skills for Young Adults is a comprehensive advice and self-help book for teenagers and young adults. Shine relays pertinent information for self-reflection, self-care, and the importance of high school and secondary academics. Several chapters cover the flexibility of options to earn money, how to present oneself during interviews, the necessity of budgeting, and the breakdown of taxes and loans. The ins and outs of buying a car and renting an apartment are carefully discussed.

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