Maya Shine


Maya Shine, a perceptive author specializing in literature for teens and young adults, brings a unique blend of expertise, personal experience, and heartfelt commitment to her work. Her journey, shaped by a background in computer engineering, a master's degree in administration, and certifications in information security, has led her through diverse roles as a consultant, team leader, and manager over the past two decades. Additionally, she maintains a profound interest in psychology, art, science, literature, and spirituality.

Her most significant role unfolds in her personal life as a devoted mother to a daughter navigating the tumultuous stage of adolescence—a phase Maya herself faced unprepared. Her personal life experience acted as the catalyst for her mission: to bridge the gap in guidance and preparation, helping teens and young adults navigate the challenges of adolescence and prepare for successful adulthood.

Driven by her passion for empowering young adults, Maya penned a book inspired by her formative years, drawing from her transformative journey where trial and error became the path to self-discovery.

Her unique value lies in sharing personal experiences, the wisdom of inspirational figures, and insights gained from exploring literature and scientific research.

Raised by a single mother, Maya often faced limited resources, influencing her writing dedicated to young adults navigating difficult circumstances—those raised by single parents, growing up without parental figures, facing incarceration, or identifying as neurodivergent.

Maya's commitment extends beyond individual empowerment; it's grounded in her belief in the collective intelligence and compassion within the global community. She envisions a world where collective efforts contribute to the growth and success of flourishing generations.

Maya's book is more than a guide; it's an empowering resource designed to inspire, enlighten, and ultimately help young adults achieve fulfillment.


Maya  Shine