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Blunt Force Magic is an exciting novel by Lawrence Davis. It is a modern day fantasy that takes place in an American city where an evil mistress uses a beast, Stalker, to hunt for Maria, a young witch. The hero of the story is Janzen Robinson. Robinson was once an apprentice to a group of heroes who battled supernatural evils. Now, Robinson finds it is his job to protect Maria from being killed by the evil Stalker.

Thirteen year old Murray just lost his mother to a tragedy. Still grieving over his mother's unfortunate death, he moves to Windom, Minnesota to live with his grandmother who he has not seen for a long time. In Windom, strange things happen unnerving Murray. He is told to keep his distance from neighbors who hate children for some unknown reason. This is enough to haunt Murray, the only child right now who is living in Windom. Uncovering his own grandmother's own secrets, he sees a boy who has been kidnapped by evil witches.

Nefertiti, the Spidernaut is about an insect who is sent into space.  Stephanie Countryman, a NASA scientist, was searching for a jumping spider for her new experiment. It was felt that jumping spiders in this experiment would not be able to eat food as there would be little gravity on International Space Station. They would just float, finding it hard to hunt in space and therefore survive.

Weeny Meeny is a little witch who turned 1000 years old.  Her little tribe does not consider her a toddler from now on, which makes her happy. She is granted to fly on her own, but one thing bothers her . The streets are littered with garbage and weeds. She cannot tolerate seeing the little witches walk through them full of obstacles. Before Halloween night, no matter what she does to sleep she cannot, for the worries of streets of Witchburg are on her mind. 
Allen, Paul, and Chet Winthrup are orphaned siblings . They would inherit the ranch their father left them to take care of after he died. However, the teenagers were also left under the guardianship of their currently missing Uncle Barnaby until they became adults. Greed possessed their uncle who went off leaving the brothers to fend for themselves.  He was on a mission to find precious metal and left for San Francisco, or so the brothers were informed.