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Having supernatural powers, Alex and Andy are capable of healing and shifting illness from one person to another. Combined, the boys hold tremendous power. Together, they can control life and death. As they get to know each other, the brothers start to test their abilities together. However, as secret organizations and military operations vie for control of their power, they must make difficult decisions that could save people... or kill them.

Cameron, age ten, is an adept musician and an introverted middle schooler. One of his outlets is his ability to play the guitar. The troubles of being bullied, living with an alcoholic, and having a sentimental mother are far from easy. When a mysterious girl in black leather enters his life one day, Cameron's entire world begins to change. His musical abilities are tested in ways he never expected as he embarks on an unexpected musical journey.

Patience was a little girl who never took it easy. At the beginning of this children’s book, she had a leg cast due to a bicycle accident. Before her ninth birthday, she was impatient, wanting to see what her mother was planning for her special day. Her mother told Patience to “Take it slow.  Just play and enjoy yourself." Many wonderful surprises awaited her on her birthday celebration, but the best gift was the one she received from her dad, who couldn't attend.

Cassie and Donovan are high school seniors, ambitious filmmakers, and most importantly best friends. They are co-directing a horror movie that pays tribute to the genre. Featuring kills from other iconic films, the friends are hopeful about bringing their vision to life. What happens when real murders occur based on scenes in their movie? Can they solve these crimes in time to prevent more murders?


As once said by Ken Glickman , "Signs are to eyes what words are to ears ."

Minds and Signs written by Rebecca Rose Orton helps you understand about how your mind really works, how it tends to categorizes things in different ways, and also shows descriptions of various ways that the mind accomplishes this task.  Take for example how you think of a chair.  The chair has four legs, two arm rests, and a back rest. Then you think of variations that take it farther away from the prototype.