Book Reviews by April Yu

Stub-the-Nuisance’s life has been as miserable as her name. Abandoned at a tavern doorstep as an infant, she’s apprenticed under the abusive Matron Tratte for as long as she can remember. The only thing keeping her laboring in the tavern day and night is her friendship with a chicken named Peck and the knowledge that if she runs away, she will be found guilty by the law and dragged back to the matron.


All eras must come to an end eventually. Little Book is at the height of his power. As an international bestseller and bookstore celebrity, it seems he can do no wrong. However, when he’s suddenly informed of being moved to the half-off clearance rack, everything changes from red carpet walks and dewy-eyed admirers to the prospect of dusty, crowded shelves musty with sunlight. As the bookstore sheriff Ranger Depth cheerfully explains, it is the beginning of the end.


At just nineteen years old, Wendy has so much of the world left to explore. Traveling and online communities and romance—once upon a time, they all seemed so attainable. But Wendy’s hearing has been getting worse, leaving no certainty for the future. After her beloved grandmother dies, Wendy is left with nothing but her grandmother’s tabby cat for company. The problem? Wendy hates cats.

For nearly his entire life, it’s just been Gwilym and his siblings, and he’s perfectly content with that. Recently, his stepmother joined the family, and he is content about that as well. But there’s a missing piece that he can’t refute: his mother. His mother abandoned him when he was just a baby to play in her jazz band. Although Gwilym tries not to overthink it, the underlying resentment and curiosity has been bubbling for a while now.


Magic Tree House meets Whatever After in this fast-paced adventure set in the ancient land of the Mayans! Bubba and Squirt are siblings who seem perfectly normal, but they’re anything but. In truth, they have a magical shovel that transports them to places from the past. This time, they’re brought to an excavation site in the ancient city of Altun Ha that unearths rare artifacts. But there’s something odd going on in the sweat-slick jungles of Belize.

Four girls. Three scandals. Two murders. One city. And millions of secrets…

Delilah Rollins is the newest influencer to hit Los Angeles. Despite her overprotective parents and humble origins, she’s managed to edge her way into the competitive realm of online fame. And there are two girls qualified to teach her the tricks of the trade: Fiona Jacobs and Jasmine Walters-Diaz, long-standing influencers with millions of followers.


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