Book Reviews by April Yu

Magic Tree House meets Whatever After in this fast-paced adventure set in the ancient land of the Mayans! Bubba and Squirt are siblings who seem perfectly normal, but they’re anything but. In truth, they have a magical shovel that transports them to places from the past. This time, they’re brought to an excavation site in the ancient city of Altun Ha that unearths rare artifacts. But there’s something odd going on in the sweat-slick jungles of Belize.

Four girls. Three scandals. Two murders. One city. And millions of secrets…

Delilah Rollins is the newest influencer to hit Los Angeles. Despite her overprotective parents and humble origins, she’s managed to edge her way into the competitive realm of online fame. And there are two girls qualified to teach her the tricks of the trade: Fiona Jacobs and Jasmine Walters-Diaz, long-standing influencers with millions of followers.

What do you do when your entire life changes in an instant? Soon-to-be adult Claudine Henry has her entire life planned out. First: go on a wild summer road trip with her best friend Saz. Second: attend Columbia in the fall. Third: make a splash in California as a popular novelist. But all that is thrown out the window when her parents drop a bomb. They are getting a divorce.


Have you ever read a book about a book? If you haven’t, what are you waiting for? Shelf Life: Never Turn the Page Too Soon is a humorous story that follows self-published Little Book. He lives a perfect life with his author, Paige Turner, except when it isn’t so perfect anymore. One night, Little Book wakes up to find that Paige has discarded him in the donation bin at the local bookstore.


All twelve-year-old Edge has ever known is her home on Crescent Island. In her eyes, the entire world is composed of the peculiar Insects she likes to study on the island and her mother, Mana. Edge could live happily ever after with her mother in their tiny bubble. But when Edge meets a boy her age named Jessop, she can’t help but be fascinated by his strange appearance and lively personality. 

What would you do if you could foresee the future? Arnetta and the Mirror of Destiny is a fiction novel that takes place in the year 1985, where Arnetta lives with her grandparents in a small textile mill town in South Carolina. Even though her family died when she was young, Arnetta tries to maintain an upbeat facade in school and around her crush, Craig. But one rainy day, everything changes. Arnetta wanders into a store full of antiques and notices a particularly elegant mirror.