Book Reviews by 26limoel

Join P.T. on his adventures at The Wonderland Hotel in Welcome to Wonderland #4: Beach Battle Blowout! This year P.T. and his friend Gloria are up to even more trouble. Each year the Wonderland resort tries to qualify for the Hottest Family Attraction in the Sunshine State award, but every year, they don't make the shortlist.  For the first time ever, all of the big attractions, like Sea World and Disneyland, are out of the competition! P.T. and his family might be able to win the coveted award!

In The Story that Cannot Be Told, main character Ilena collects stories of all kinds and revises the endings to her liking. She writes down all of the stories in a book she calls The Great Tome. Ilena and her family try to have a good life, despite Romania's corrupt leader. When Ilena's uncle writes a story criticizing the communist government, the secret police come after Ilena and her family. Ilena's parents make the difficult decision to send Ilena to stay with her grandparents. Ilena doesn't want to go live with the grandparents she has never met.

If you've lost your school project, your gym bag, or even your Game Boy, just go to Jeremy Wilderson! A retrieval specilist who's always looking for a job, Jeremy is one who isn't afraid to take a lot of risks. He gets a lot of business, and his only problem is Becca Mills, who is a detective. When a job turns into a mishap, and the biggest bully in the school gets the master key to all the lockers in the entire school, Jeremy is desperate enough to turn to the one person he thought he never would—Becca Mills.

First, Hanako had to try to be more American, but now she has to try to be more Japanese. Hanako's life wasn't so bad from the start.

It's the 1840s, and Lara can't imagine any life except the one she has where she is surrounded by her big Irish family. That is, until one day, when tragedy strikes. Lara's world is turned upside down. Desperate, afraid, and alone, with no choice but indentured servitude, Lara does something that will haunt her the rest of her life. When it seems that all hope is lost, Lara is discovered by an American couple. Whisked away to a new world, Lara's world changes yet again, but her past won't go away. Will her past ever stop haunting her?

Living past 17 and your deathdate is good right? Well, not if you're Denton Little, and it means being chased by the DIA (Death Invenstigation Agency) and having to possibly betray good friends, and your mom, who he just met, and who was supposed to be dead too. Can Denton run away from the DIA long enough for the news to settle down? Will the news ever settle down?