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Mac, the macadamia nut, is different from most of his friends. He is different in the way he dresses, eats, sleeps, and plays. But when it counts, Mac is exactly the kind of friend everyone wants and needs.

Casey Grimes didn’t expect things to be easy when moving to Vintage Woods. He knew it would be hard being the new kid, especially a new kid with a passion for climbing trees. But, things turned out differently than expected. Instead of being singled out, he is forgotten. Soon he realizes that people aren’t intentionally being rude, they just can’t see him. When his mom and dad go on a sudden vacation, he and his sister, Gloria, find themselves the charges of a somewhat eccentric babysitter.

Everyone gets a little curious sometimes. When the little girl in this story sees a little boy who looks sad, she decides to cheer him up. But first, she tries to find out why he is upset. So, with all the charm of a concerned little girl, she goes through every possible scenario that could possibly be making him sad. The Curious Club captures the spirit of curious kids everywhere, with imaginative rhyme and colorful pictures by illustrator Mike Motz.

LaLa and her stuffed bear, Beary, invite Dennis and his stuffed bear over to play. Dennis wants to play catch with the bears, but his bear is a lot bigger than LaLa’s. This is extremely disappointing, and LaLa isn’t sure she wants to play with Beary ever again. Can a lesson in gratitude save the day?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in another time and place? Find out what life would be like in ancient Mali! In If You Were Me and Lived in...the Ancient Mali Empire, readers learn about family life, houses, school, and so much more! The book includes helpful pronunciations and definitions.

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