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Velma, a foster kid, is trying to escape her duties as the Kachina, the person who must kill the person she loves in order to save the world. She runs away from that life to a town called Fairhope, hoping she can live normally. But when her past comes knocking on her door, she is forced to prepare for the fight of her life, the fight that could be the end of her life. If she dies, the world will go with her. 


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SEEK is a government operated program that Keira joined to help save her sister. She is a huntress, trained to kill Khayal, mythical creatures she’s told are evil. When she gets sent on a special meeting to kill Jonathan Steed, a rich nineteen-year-old, she learns the truth about Khayal. She flees the country with Jonathan to get away from SEEK and learn more about Khayal. There, she meets Paul and his group of teenagers with the plan to save all of the Khayal. She must make the decision to go back to her sister or join Paul's group and Johnathan. Which love will win?

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Fern’s family spends most of their time at their family restaurant, Harry’s, where her parents use their family for commercials. Her older sister Sara takes a year off of school to work at the restaurant. Fern’s in charge of watching her three-year-old brother, Charlie.

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JoJo has been best friends with Sam since she was five. Sam has always been different than other boys; he was never rude to girls and he never seemed interested in girls' bodies like the other boys, until he starts changing and going through puberty. When JoJo sees the bruises on Sam's back she realizes she needs to get Sam out of his house with his abusive step-father. Sam won't leave his mom and his step-sister, though. As this is going on, Sam and JoJo grow into something even more than friends and it scares JoJo more than she'd like.

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The Kill Order takes place before the rest of the Maze Runner

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Autumn is the victim of a cyber prank gone viral. This prank forced her to transfer to a new school where she decides to reinvent herself for her sophomore year. New school new Autumn, so she thinks. She tried to become an outgoing popular girl but she can't escape her old habits that made her quiet and shy. When she learns her best friend, Sophie Rose, is transfering to her new school she gets excited, until Sophie actually comes and she's not Autumn's best friend anymore.

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